A bear for your career

If you think you’re an anti-fit, in general, buckle up, and send an e-mail already.


We will actually measure your worth in words, ho ho ho. Which translates into a great command over the language, a strong grasp of grammar jokes and some extra brownie points if you speak ironically. We would also expect you to write well, mean well and drink a strong brew on weekdays.

The Visual Poet

We would expect you to come armed with a sense of humour, and an obsession with colours. Know your softwares, ditch the normal and create more wacky Wednesdays than we could have ever imagined.


We need you to come dressed in an outfit that exudes candid confidence. We need you to make a lot of calls and always sound convincing. After all, you guys would form the backbone of the teams, and would be the bridge between the agency & the clients. So, stay calm through storms and creative tantrums. Just get your work done, that’s all!


Come armed with a time-expanding machine, if you got one, because you would have to hit those deadlines with your clear thinking prowess, and a knack of knowing where we are headed with a particular campaign. You need to check the right boxes, and create some kickass decks that would wow us, and our prospective clients. You got this.


Well, as the title says you have to be in touch with your geeky side to be a part of the tech team.


If you are uncertain, and still wondering about where you’re headed in life, and if digital advertising is really your cup of coffee, just shoot us an e-mail with your resume, come over for a chat and we’ll grind our brains together and figure if you’re cut out for this deadline-loving, idea-spewing industry.