We offer you the best of both worlds

We’ve got our feet in all kinds of boats and we have a solid moat to gloat about that! To break it down folks, we lie somewhere between an old-school agency & a sparkly new-age one, labelling ourselves ‘tradigital’ as we go. We have been around the world for 12 years, championing the cause of digital engagement and providing heart-felt, mind boggling marketing ideas for y’all in Retail, Telco, FMCG, among others.

Our Skills

The team

Suva Ghosh

Executive Director, Founder

Amandeep Singh

Sales Director

Chetan Jadhav

Pre Sales Manager

Unnikrishnan Pillai

Account Director

Elroy Rodricks

Creative Strategist

Saurabh Sharma

Account Manager

Riya Bhaskaran

Account Manager

Deepesh Surve

Account Manager

Shruti Maheshwari

Account Executive

Thomson Sequeira

Jr. Account Executive

Rohan Jha

Art Director

Gaurav Ratra

Art Director

Vini Prasad

Sr. Graphic Designer

Arjun Juneja

Graphic Designer

Mrinalini Srivastava

Graphic Designer

Arighna Sarkar

Project Manager

Manoj Yadav

Tech Lead

Bhagyesh Kambli

Sr. UI Developer

Gaurav Dave

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Dipankar Ghosh

Full Stack Developer

Rishav Kumar

Full Stack Developer

Arijita Das

Associate Creative Director

Sreya Bose

Senior Copy Writer

Adrijaa Sanyal

Copy Writer

Purab Saxena

Copy Writer

The world

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